Pasta and Quiz night

A full house for our pasta and quiz night, people always ask which website we get our quiz questions off, but our very own Quiz master Charlie researches and makes up every question himself! It’s that extra bit off effort that makes it a great evening!!

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It’s been celebrations all round this weekend at The Family Tree, Derek and Dawns wedding reception yesterday, Mike and Bonnie’s 60th wedding anniversary for lunch today and Janet’s 60th birthday afternoon tea this afternoon!! Congratulations all!!13335951_1011426518892752_7155671136609563942_n 13393983_1011426602226077_307638732359653583_n13312721_1011426575559413_5514860552910000653_n 13322172_1011426632226074_1889425862291342449_n 13331073_1011426572226080_9002143799779664844_n 13335993_1011426898892714_3030553806224441057_n


Best of British Quiz Night

It’s a full house here at The Family Tree for our Best Of British quiz night!! On the menu was real British Classics like Fish & Chips, Steak & Ale pie and Bangers and Mash, all were well received, now let the best team win!!

The Family Tree Whatstandwell's photo.
The Family Tree Whatstandwell's photo.

Staff Christmas party

Christmas Party!! Ok so we know were a bit late, but It was so lovely to look down the table and see that in just two short years we have gone from a team of 5 to a team of 22!! Thank you so much to all our staff, we really could not have made it this far without you. P.s we promise this years Christmas do will actually be around Christmas!

The Family Tree Whatstandwell's photo.

Second Anniversary

Hi all. Greetings from Lanzarote. Sorry we aren’t with you to celebrate the Restaurants 2nd anniversary. We’re celebrating in our own way. Just having an after dinner drink in the onsite restaurant. Thanks to all the family (yes, that includes you Charlie), our sponsors, customers family and friends. Looking forward to the next two years. Christine and Mick